December 13, 2011

Peace, Love & Happiness from

                                   PEACE .  LOVE.  HAPPINESS.

We wish you all the best for the holiday season.

Enjoy your time with your two and four legged friends.
We will be starting the New Year with a new enhanced blog, some fabulous giveaways on our facebook page and of course lots of new and interesting designs for the Artsydog shops.

December 02, 2011

A sweet Jack Russell hits the big time on a billboard in Times Square.

Who's that cute dog wearing the pearls?
Yes....that's the word around town... in New York that is. 

We are happy to report that we get some incredible reviews and mentions by all the folks in the know around the glitzy canine world.  Out Holiday press release was featured on a billboard in Times Square and that was a delightful surprise...especially for Roxy the dog!

Here's how it happened, Nick Tinkl a photographer that lives in the Ontario countryside took some pictures of his dog Roxy modelling a pearl necklace made by his neighbour Abigail Connell, a jeweller that has a shop 'Bitches in Pearls' selling doggie pearl necklaces on 

Sheila Bredin, the founder of used Roxy's photograph as the lead for a newswire press release that tripped around hundreds of journalists in Canada and the U.S.


Here's Roxy an ordinary looking Jack Russell Terrier from the Ontario countryside sporting a pink pearl necklace on a Times Square billboard.   Roxy's dad Nick told all his pals at the local hardware store that Roxy was featured on a billboard in Times Square - New York,  of course they all roared laughing thinking he was joshing. 

Anyhow life is full of surprises and we have lots of fun here at

November 24, 2011

Artsydog has lots of fabulous holiday finds for the modern dog lover

Take a tour around the Artsydog shops for some unique gifts.

K-nine couture
This delightful peppermint candy collar can be made in a buckle or martingale design, handmade to fit your pup perfectly.
Lollypups Designer Petwear
For the pup, this sporty pepper alpaca sweater in hand-crocheted in black and cream  -  made from 100% alpaca

                                                                                                                                                                         For mom, a matching pepper scarf/neckwarmer with the same embellishment motif at the sweater.

Rejuvenate you pup with a spa kit made with hand harvested B.C. kelp.  The kit contains moisturizer,spritz and shampoo - packaged in a gift satchel with tasty homemade kelp cookies.

One-of-a-kind personalized pet dishes are sure to be a hit with any dog lover.  Handmade to order and dishwasher safe.

Martha and Ash
What dreams are made of, a comfortable black and white toile bed, cozy, modern and of course handmade.

My Soleil
Unisex military style dog tag pendants with ball chain, pure silver, handcrafted, can be customized and inscribed by special order.

November 09, 2011 presents our Holiday Pet Photo Contest - Fab prizes

Artsydog is hosting another fabulous contest giveaway on our FACEBOOK  page.

Commencing  Thurs, November 10th.
3 lucky winners will win a Xmas Dog Collar from popular shop - Higgelty Piggelty.
Simply click our link> FACEBOOK  and send us your favourite holiday photo of your pup & get your pals to vote!!

Higgelty Piggelty has a beautiful collection of tartan and tweed dog coats, fabulous dresses, lovely dog collars and smart tartan dog walking hats.

November 02, 2011

Artsydog has hundreds of unique gift ideas for the holiday season

So what's the right gift for the trendy canine on your list?
Identify the pooch's personality from the options below and visit  for more lovely eye candy!

For the nothing but-a-hound dog:
This comfy, satin-lined Elvis collar features mod colours and bold designs.

For the refined laddie:
This country gentleman leather and tweed collar conjures up images of bounding through heather-covered moors.  The local dog park may not be quite as lush, but it's really all about the attitude.

For the showgirl Lulu:
Every girl likes a bit of bling and this sparkly collar with glittery red ribbon is sure to catch the eye of that certain someone.

For the dandy dog:
Channel your pooch's inner Oscar Wilde with a flamboyant purple velvet collar and leash set.

For the casual pup:
This eye-catching  nature loving collar is sure to attract a few woofs and tweets.


October 26, 2011

Fabulous new items for dog and dog lovers arriving on Artsydog daily.

Here at - all of the shops are getting ready for the holiday season.  Lots of new apparel, accessories, tags, art, jewellery and gifts for both dogs and the dog loving human.

Below you can view some of the shops -  but we need to first announce the winner of the Artsydog October Facebook contest.

Here's Turbo!! winner of our latest facebook contest.  Turbo won a fabulous collar and leash set from Artsydog shop R.E. Stowe.

Turbo's fabulous prize

Get ready for the holiday season with these festive handmade one-of-a kind collars for shop Luxuryhound.  Beautifully crafted with soft leather and suede, the collars are embellished with hundreds of Czech crystals.

From new shop IslandTop Custom Tags - a delightful variety of hand-crafted pet tags in a variety of metal combinations. This talented designer has a whole range of  beautifully crafted tags.

From new shop  Tamstarr  Couture some super stylish mod print vest-harnesses, custom made of course.  The beautiful detailing on this collection is exceptional and the materials are seriously on trend for this season.

From shop - Designer Cushions, more delightful tapestry cushions.  This shop has over 100 designs to choose from, each uniquely exquisite and perfect for any home. Take a tour of the shop and see all the exquisite covers - if you don't see you favourite dog - simply send Ruth the shop owner a note.

Come and visit us on for some great shopping and gift ideas.
Don't forget to come over to facebook and join in the fun with our monthly contests.
For November we will be hosting a photo contest with fabulous prizes from shop Higgely Piggelty.
Here's a clue!!

October 12, 2011

Artsdog has some delightful new items for the Shopping Dogs and their owners!!

Artsydog is thriving with lots of new shops opening each week, here are a selection of some of the new season's pickings...visit  us at to view a whole range of beautiful new apparel, accessories, delightful one of a kind leather collars and jewellery..for the humans.

New Quebec shop - PULLDOG  

A delightful range of handmade sweaters specializing in small dogs.  Josee, the shop owner will custom make larger sweaters.

New U.S. shop Four Robins

 This shop is well stocked with a delightful range of one of a kind leather dog collars, unusual colours and designs make these collars a favourite for the trendy pups.

U.S. Shop  My Soleil

Jackie, the owner of this shop has a wonderful collection of sterling silver military style dog tags.  These well crafted designs are a wonderful gift for your favourite human.

New Norwegian Shop Ullboll

A lovely collection of well-made Norwegian dog sweaters.  some smart, sassy beautiful looks for your dog to strut around in.

September 27, 2011

Celebrate Halloween with Artsydog - Win a Fabulous Collar and Leash



Win a fabulous handcrafted collar and leash set from Artsydog shop  R.E. Stowe.   Retail Value $50.00

For details about our photo contest simply click on the link below to join us on facebook.  Our promo/contest icon is located to the the left of the page. 

Join us on  FACEBOOK

September 13, 2011

Artsydog Seller Profiles Of The Week

Lollypups Designer Pet Wear offers hand made couture fabric harnesses in a limited edition using fabrics such as woven silks, brocades and fine cotton sateen which are then embellished with elegant trims and/or vintage buttons. Some styles have matching leashes which are sold separately.  They're made with sturdy velcro closures at the belly and neck which are easiest to put on and take off a pet and have been thoroughly tested for stability on my own Bichon Frise, muse and spokes model, Lacy.
The unique, pure alpaca and pima cotton sweaters and matching people scarves, are hand crocheted and utilize an eclectic mix of colors, textures and stitches in each garment. The wide rib turtle neck makes the sweaters easy to put on and off your pet  and again, were tested on my fussy Lacy who absolutely HATES anything to muss up her Bichon coif.  (such a diva!) They're hand washable and color fast.   Alpaca fiber is stronger and warmer than marino wool and perfect for those blustery winter days when even the thickest doggy hair isn't sufficient to keep out the cold.    The alpaca fibers actually contain microscopic air pockets that contribute to the creation of lightweight apparel with very high insulation value.  Alpaca is hypoallergenic and lanolin free, and does not retain or absorb moisture.
Lastly and most importantly, part of our proceeds is used to help local no kill shelters that promote pet adoption and provide fostering, food and health care to dogs of all ages and breeds until they find their forever home.
Lollypups Designer Pet Wear.......  It's "petwear you'd wear"!

Sirius Silver

My name is Sara Johnson, and I am the brains and hands behind Sirius Silver!  Everything you find in my shop is designed and hand crafted from the ground up by Yours Truly.
Creating art has always been a primary focus in my life, from the time I was old enough to put crayon to paper. From pen and ink, to canvas and paint, I have been making things from any material I could get my hands on. I first began selling my art during my early teens, in the form of whimsical polymer clay animal sculptures. Over the years, my sales record grew to include more substantial paintings and illustrations. My current obsession is creating one-of-a-kind jewelry for dogs and their humans from silver, brass and copper.
The act of creating art brings me great happiness, and no more so than when I can create something that makes my audience smile. I hope you enjoy the contents of my shop as much as I enjoyed creating them!

My Soleil 

Jacqueline Helitzer Winch, an accomplished potter, began her career in stained glass in 1969, by exchanging lessons in ceramics for stained glass with a young master glass craftsman’s apprentice from the UK.  As a student of art, fresh from UCLA, Jackie already had several years immersed in the arts, especially printmaking, weaving and ceramics before her first hands-on experience with a medium she had long admired.  
Back in the late 1960s, there was a resurgence of interest in stained glass in the US.  However, there were few modern tools (or any raw materials for that matter) available, and Jackie fashioned many of her own, purchasing the majority of her large glass sheets from Europe.  Although she continued to work in clay, printmaking and in fiber, her love of glass has kept her busy for decades.  For several years, Jackie worked as a studio artist and instructor for the prestigious Meredith Stained Glass Studios, Washington, D.C., where one of her greatest thrills was being selected to repair and restore a rare, antique Louis Comfort Tiffany lampshade for one of Meredith's clients.
  Jackie’s work can be found in private homes, professional offices,restaurants and other public sites from coast to coast in the U.S. as well as abroad.  In all her works; fitted panels, mosaics, three-dimensional, functional pieces, reproduction Tiffany lampshades, and her ever-evolving collection of Judaica, Jackie insists upon the highest quality, both in her materials as well as in her own workmanship.
  A former student of the Wichita Art Association, Stephens College, UCLA and Cranbrook, Jackie has been making her personal mark in the arts for over 40 years.  When asked about how she feels about herself as an accomplished glazier, Jackie responds that her greatest satisfaction is when her work pleases others.  “There will never be enough time to create all the designs I’d like to and each piece I do leads to the next with eager anticipation”.  A recent thrill in the 1990s, was the commission of one of her personalized kaleidoscopes to the art collection of Ringo Starr, London, England.  
Now finally settled in her Palm Springs desert home and art studio, Jackie is most often found working on some amazing new creation, where her skills are only surpassed by her endless imagination.  So many ideas, so little time...


September 09, 2011

Artsydog Seller Profiles Of The Week

The Twisted Cow
 Sometimes you have to wonder how you arrived at a particular juncture in your life. I was not a particularly stellar student in school, but I have to admit I am a bright chic with a bit of a chill-axin’ streak. I will tell you that for some reason crafting has always been something that I have always had a love for. My very first project was a crochet hat for my sock monkey Mrs. Peabody (I was around 12 /13). Now, I had never crocheted in my life, but I figured out how to do a single crochet, link it, drop stitches, and create a little round hat…with no direction, no example, no lessons and never having crocheted ever! For a few years I thought about that hat, but did nothing about it as far as trying to get some lessons to become a proficient crocheter. I make things that I have a passion for...actually I have a passion for making things and making people happy. I love my pooch Chester the Chunky Chow-Chow and I love dressing him up in the latest collar designs and waiting for the opportunity to hand out my card and proudly say…”I made that!”  So, collars, leashes, cufflinks, belts, bowties and the occasional resin encased purse hook finds it place on my table for a bit of love and affection.

Prissie Puppie
Welcome to my store!
We were inspired to start our boutique to fill a need in the upscale luxury pet clothing and accessory business. While searching to find quality, fashionable dog clothing for our own precious pet, we thought that we could design & produce dog clothes that were stylish as well as functional. Our puppy, as well as yours deserves the best!
We believe there were many other dog owners that want to spoil their dog’s like we do.    All lour designs are handmade of the highest quality materials that can be found. They will give you and your pampered pet many years of pleasure.

Patricia Ellen Designs 
Patricia Ellen Designs is located in my home in Palm Springs California.  I have been sewing for several decades and was told by a friend,, who is an avid dog lover, that my aprons would appeal to the many dog lovers here in the USA and abroad.  So, I decided to concentrate my apron making (I make other designer aprons as well) in the "canine" category and have some lovely prints to offer doggy lovers, both groomers and kitchen chefs.  All aprons are made by me, personally, and I enjoy my work very much.  It is a pleasure to sew knowing that my end product will make someone, somewhere smile.

September 06, 2011

New Contest!

Our September facebook contest launched today. To enter simply click here or visit our artsydog fan page on facebook and click on 'contests' on the left hand menu. The winner will receive a combo pack from Purest Pets consisting of allergy relief shampoo and waterless shampoo. Good Luck everyone!

September 01, 2011

We Have a Winner!

The winner of our latest facebook contest is Remy!

Remy is a part bulldog and part boxer and 100% cute! Congratulations Remy and Callie! You will receive the leash from shop, The Cool Puppy!

August 31, 2011

Artsydog Seller Profiles Of The Week

This week we profile another three talented artsydog sellers; The Cool Puppy, Mary Jill Lemieur Designs and Larios Jewellery and Design.

The Cool Puppy
We are a dog loving company that has a mischievous little Maltese named Lili Sushi, the inspiration for our dog accessories.We specialize in colorful handmade leather collars and leather dog leashes / leads and harness for the cool dogs and puppies. We love bright colors like pink , blue, yellow, red, green etc. We Carry Sizes :XXS , XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL

"Loki" - Cool Leather Dog Collar

 Mary Jill Lemieur Designs
Mary Jill is a visual artist working and residing in northern Michigan. She graduated with a degree in graphic design from Western Michigan University in 1981. After working for more than a decade as a graphic designer, she changed her focus to fine art and art instruction.  Her paintings of wildlife, natural history, landscapes and pets are created with watercolors, oil or acrylics, pen and ink, digital painting and mixed media. M.J.’s paintings and custom portraits are in collections across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, as well as locally at Fresh Water Gallery in Boyne City, Michigan.

I specialize in one-of-a-kind paintings and portraits of dogs (and their people, too!)

30 x 36 Custom Double Pet Portrait on Canvas


Larios Jewellery & Design is the unique creation of designer Athina Larios, who graduated from The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, with a BA Honours in Jewellery & Metalwork.
Having spent all of her childhood in Athens, Greece with a Scottish mum and Greek dad, she was a dreamer inspired by both cultures and always restless to achieve something of her own. She spent 18 years in Athens and a further 10 years in the UK, constantly travelling between her 2 homes, in search of something to express her creative nature and bi-cultural views. 
She has a range of pendants, earrings, brooches as well as a brand new men's range of laser cut and engraved cufflinks, which are made to order. Some of these include cufflinks with dog silhouettes for all the dog lovers out there.
Greyhound pet pin with heart.
Athina's business is based between Athens and London, and she will happily post your design, wherever you are based.

August 24, 2011

Artsydog Seller Profiles Of The Week

This week we are featuring three of the talented Artsydog artists, Dogma London, Inspired Pet Portraits and Bitches in Pearls.

Dogma London
With well over 200 different handmade dog collars & leashes to choose from, Dogma London is one of the most popular shops on the internet for funky, fun dog collars in an incredible array of sizes and colors.
 Dogma London began as a martingale collar company and continues to specialize in martingale dog collar, greyhound collars, whippet collars and italian greyhound collars. However due to popular demand, Dogma London now offers classic side release buckle dog collars in addition to the original martingale collar selection.
Retro Elvis Collar

Inspired Pet Portraits by Dana Feagin
Hello! I live in Ashland, Oregon with my husband and pack of former shelter dogs. In 2006, I left my corporate job to spend more time on what I was really interested in - art and dogs. Although I am a scientist by training, and was in management most of my career, I have always had a passion for art! I took art classes after work at UCSD before moving to Ashland, and have been working in oils for the last 5 years. I am now focused completely on animal paintings, while donating 10% of my proceeds to local animal shelters and rescue groups where I also volunteer my time.

 Bitches in Pearls
Bitches in Pearls creator Abigail Connell lives in the Ontario countryside.  Trained as a jeweller in New York City, she has been creating original and stunning jewellery for  humans for the past 35 years. Abigail is taking her jewellery to new heights and species by designing one-of-a kind pearl necklaces for the canine in your life.
Check back next week for more featured sellers!

August 18, 2011

Entries are pouring in!

Our latest contest is underway on Facebook. Here are a sneak peak at some of the beautiful dogs entered so far...