November 02, 2011

Artsydog has hundreds of unique gift ideas for the holiday season

So what's the right gift for the trendy canine on your list?
Identify the pooch's personality from the options below and visit  for more lovely eye candy!

For the nothing but-a-hound dog:
This comfy, satin-lined Elvis collar features mod colours and bold designs.

For the refined laddie:
This country gentleman leather and tweed collar conjures up images of bounding through heather-covered moors.  The local dog park may not be quite as lush, but it's really all about the attitude.

For the showgirl Lulu:
Every girl likes a bit of bling and this sparkly collar with glittery red ribbon is sure to catch the eye of that certain someone.

For the dandy dog:
Channel your pooch's inner Oscar Wilde with a flamboyant purple velvet collar and leash set.

For the casual pup:
This eye-catching  nature loving collar is sure to attract a few woofs and tweets.


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