September 09, 2011

Artsydog Seller Profiles Of The Week

The Twisted Cow
 Sometimes you have to wonder how you arrived at a particular juncture in your life. I was not a particularly stellar student in school, but I have to admit I am a bright chic with a bit of a chill-axin’ streak. I will tell you that for some reason crafting has always been something that I have always had a love for. My very first project was a crochet hat for my sock monkey Mrs. Peabody (I was around 12 /13). Now, I had never crocheted in my life, but I figured out how to do a single crochet, link it, drop stitches, and create a little round hat…with no direction, no example, no lessons and never having crocheted ever! For a few years I thought about that hat, but did nothing about it as far as trying to get some lessons to become a proficient crocheter. I make things that I have a passion for...actually I have a passion for making things and making people happy. I love my pooch Chester the Chunky Chow-Chow and I love dressing him up in the latest collar designs and waiting for the opportunity to hand out my card and proudly say…”I made that!”  So, collars, leashes, cufflinks, belts, bowties and the occasional resin encased purse hook finds it place on my table for a bit of love and affection.

Prissie Puppie
Welcome to my store!
We were inspired to start our boutique to fill a need in the upscale luxury pet clothing and accessory business. While searching to find quality, fashionable dog clothing for our own precious pet, we thought that we could design & produce dog clothes that were stylish as well as functional. Our puppy, as well as yours deserves the best!
We believe there were many other dog owners that want to spoil their dog’s like we do.    All lour designs are handmade of the highest quality materials that can be found. They will give you and your pampered pet many years of pleasure.

Patricia Ellen Designs 
Patricia Ellen Designs is located in my home in Palm Springs California.  I have been sewing for several decades and was told by a friend,, who is an avid dog lover, that my aprons would appeal to the many dog lovers here in the USA and abroad.  So, I decided to concentrate my apron making (I make other designer aprons as well) in the "canine" category and have some lovely prints to offer doggy lovers, both groomers and kitchen chefs.  All aprons are made by me, personally, and I enjoy my work very much.  It is a pleasure to sew knowing that my end product will make someone, somewhere smile.

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